A certified arborist is a professional who has been extensively trained in the science and practice of tree care. We understand that different species behave differently and we give informed expert advice.

Whether you have a nice tree you want to look after or a potentially dangerous tree, we recommend getting some advice first, particularly as qualified arborists can spot tree trouble that the untrained eye can often not see.

At Tree FX we're a one-stop shop for everything tree related, including hazard identification, tree planting and removal, thinning of trees and consulting. We can also remove all debris from site, either by truck or using our mulcher.

Only someone with proper training, tools, and experience can say with confidence that a tree is sick or healthy, dangerous or safe. That's why it's really important to have trees maintained by reputable people who care about them, not someone looking to make a quick buck with poor skills and inaccurate information.

Experienced arborists also use specialist equipment, like harnesses, climbing ropes and chainsaws. Climbing trees is a skill in itself and using a chainsaw is dangerous enough on the ground – combine both and you definitely need to know what you're doing!

So please feel free to contact us for advice and a no-obligation free quote.
Got a question about your trees?

CALL JUSTIN 021 889 179

Got a question about your trees?  - CALL JUSTIN 021 889 179

Arborists know what is best for your trees. They have the equipment and experience needed to accomplish a job successfully, efficiently, and safely.


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